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Ever wondered what that sweet pink, blue or black tape that Olympic athletes have stuck all over them is? It’s called Kinesio Tape and is used for many reasons such as strengthening and protecting injured muscles, stabilizing joints and even decreasing bruising in areas.  Most people believe Kinesio Tape is just for professional athletes, like Lance Armstrong; however, it is also for the everyday man, child or even pregnant mom.  Regardless of who you are or what your athletic capabilities may be, this amazing tape can help you to heal faster and protect you from reinjuring areas.

How it works….

The tape has elastic, breathable properties which are used to facilitate the natural healing process of your body without restricting your natural movements. The tape is latex-free and made of cotton, so it is not as prone to allergic reactions like other tapes. It adheres to the skin with its sticky backing and also reacts to heat, which offers more adhesive power. In order to activate this additional adhesive, we rub the tape after placing it on the skin… so try to stay away from fire-breathing dragons while wearing the tape because you will have a difficult time with removal! (I found that cold water makes it easiest to remove.)  Men who are hairy mammoths (AKA my husband) might have some difficulty with the tape adhering to the skin, so the tape might not last as long or you may need to shave a small portion of the skin to allow it to stick better. It usually stays on the skin between 3 to 5 days, and all normal activities can continue while using the tape.


Yeah, you might be wondering why pregnant moms in all their athletic glory would be in need of a product that was designed for athletes. Well, it is also very good at helping with things that many pregnant women encounter, such as swollen ankles and feet, carpal tunnel, and helping support that beautiful belly.  With the baby growing on mommy’s front, the back muscles have to support the extra weight in the front. No wonder why one of the most common complaints of pregnant moms is low back pain! A safe and natural alternative to relieve this constant pressure is Kinesio Tape and Chiropractic care to make sure the body is properly aligned. Kinesio Tape uses and mimics the body’s natural elastic properties in the muscles and ligaments to support that beautiful baby bump. Wow… this tape can change lymphatic flow, support muscles and even stabilize joints?!?  Yep, you got it!


Babies with umbilical hernias can also be helped with the tape. It helps support the abdominal muscles and may allow the hernia to decrease faster.  Just be gentle with removal since their skin is a little more fragile.  My little girl Emma has an umbilical hernia that we are supporting with the tape.  Kinesio Taping is a great way to help all kinds of ailments. Just ask if we can help next time you are in the office!

The New Doc in Town…

So a little bit about myself. My name is Dr. Kyska Spurlock and I was raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2007 with my bachelor’s degree. I have been married to the love of my life, Tim, for four years and have two dogs and a precious new baby girl, Emma. Emma is my new obsession, and I love her new little smiles. My hobbies include being a mommy, coaching softball, cooking, shopping, and the occasional NHRA spectatorship.  My deep-seated desire to serve the Lord and help others led me to my journey to Parker College of Chiropractic and now to Lifetime Family Wellness Center.  My studies at Parker College of Chiropractic included a variety of techniques in order to offer patients the best care based on their chiropractic needs.  Among the services I provide are chiropractic care for the whole family, Kinesio Taping and acupuncture for tailor-made wellness care.  I’m excited to be able work at Lifetime Family Wellness Center and look forward to the chance to serve you and your family very soon!

Dr. Kyska

*Dr. Kyska is currently taking new patients at LFWC, call the office for availability and appointment times!

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