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In America, there’s one word that is associated with pregnancy, but especially with birth…..FEAR. Because of the current medical treatment of birthing women, most of the moms we see in the office are really anxious about their births. This is so sad because birth is the most incredible time in a woman’s life. At no other time in her life is a woman so strong as in birth. You can hardly go out in public while you’re pregnant because the questioning and horrible birth stories are almost unbearable.

It’s time to change all that. In this book, Supernatural Childbirth, Jackie Mize takes you to a new place of trust in Jesus for your perfect birth. And doesn’t that make so much more sense, since God created birth and created your body to go through it?? This book is full of prayers for specific times in your pregnancy and birth, verses to claim over yourself and your wife/family, and helpful examples of her own births and births of other women who have changed their minds that birth has to be a painful, awful experience. Instead, Supernatural Childbirth shows you that birth can be a miraculous, spiritual mountain top that God can use to speak to you like never before. One of our midwife friends always says that “God speaks loudest in birth” and after being with my wife at home for the birth of our son, I couldn’t agree more.

Want to read it? Click this link to order Supernatural Childbirth from!

This is a great book for anyone who’s thinking of having kids, is pregnant, or knows someone who is pregnant and wants to get them a very useful gift. A very short read, it is jam packed with the Word of God and what he says about you, your birth, your baby, and his love for you. A must for every expectant family.

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